The Best AI Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company Middle East, Artificial Intelligence Awards, 2022

Artificial Intelligence Awards is designed to show appreciation for the individuals and organisations who work to constantly drive change and innovation harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence!. SmartOpt® is recognized as the best AI Based Supply Chain Optimisation Company Middle East for its innovative approach that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and optimization with its own proprietary models, algorithms and software services. The suite products are NetOpt®, PriceOpt®, ForecastOpt®, PlanOpt®, InventoryOpt®, MilkRunOpt® and RouteOpt® can be customized seamlessly to design customized solutions. These products are offered with SaaS business model. All of the models and algorithms are automatically updated to reflect the dynamic and discrete nature supply chains. SmartOpt® provides approximately 30% decrease in supply chain costs.