Warmhaus – ForecastOpt™

Warmhaus – ForecastOpt™ 

Warmhaus is one of the leading heating companies in Turkey, and Warmhaus has service since 1966. Warmhaus produces boilers, radiators, and many more products for the industry. Warmhaus must avoid plateaus when it comes to the supply chain. Warmhaus must keep the production rates as low as possible and must have a sight of what is going to be the raw material prices in the future.

Project aims:

•    Increase the demand prediction of Warmhaus’s heating products.

•    Having better knowledge of raw material prices in the future, such as metal and aluminum.

Obstacles and difficulties:

•    Integration of season differentiates and demand trends to prediction methods. Predictions must consider seasonal changes and demand trends dynamically.

•    Virtualize the method assessments, method updates, overall analysis, and the results.

SmartOpt’s forecast solutions are based on statistical development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. SmartOpt objects to crucial factors in the prediction phase and adapts the forecast system based on these factors. ForecastOpt™ has helped Warmhaus with demand prediction and raw material price prediction.

Benefits of SmartOpt:

•    Data maintained by customers are used, considering seasonal changes and trend variations for supply chain optimization.

•    Demand predictions for the following 15 months with six different stock-coded products. Demand prediction allows Warmhaus for detailed analyses and accurate planning.

•    Three different raw materials weekly and monthly price predictions for the following 15 months. Price predictions also consider a variety of markets in the industry.

•    Results are virtualized in such a short time, and this virtualization has led to analyzing details.

Warmhaus’s previous sales and sale data have been accessed via SAP. Data access helps update the modeling methods automatically.

To conclude, SmartOpt has made developments to Warmhaus’s supply chain. ForecastOpt™ solution has helped demand prediction for products and raw material prices for the future. Warmhaus can use ForecastOpt™  for price rates of three raw materials and demand prediction of its six different stock-coded products for the next 15 months.

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